StarIn Loving Memory of NimbusStar

Nimbus was born to a feral mother that lived around a warehouse. She was brought home to me when she was only about 5 weeks old. She was beautiful! In our first week together she was very sick and had to spend a couple days in the emergency hospital. It was an infection due to her drinking water contaminated with giardia. She got sick again a few weeks later, but eventually she seemed to finally be healthy.

She was one of the smartest cats I have ever had or known! We were lucky to be able to share 6 years with Nimbus before she got sick again. She was diagnosed with a disease called Chyle (pronouced like Kyle), short for Chylothorax.

I miss her greatly.

Nimbus at 2 months old

Nimbus at 2 months old after returning from emergency care.

Nimbus 12-25-09

Our last Christmas with Nimbus in 2009.