StarIn Loving Memory of PandaStar

Panda was a handsome blue-point cat that had a two second purr. When you started petting him he would start purring in less than two seconds. You were never alone with Panda in your life. Wherever you went he would follow. If you went upstairs it was always a challenge for Panda to beat you up the steps. He would even wait until you were almost to the top and then he would roar passed you.

Panda was born around April 1, 2005. At thirteen years of age he was diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma and lived his last two weeks slowly going downhill until it was too heart breaking to watch. He was allowed to crossover to the Rainbow Bridge July 30, 2018.

I miss him greatly.

Panda about 3 months old

Panda being very cute after sneaking into a decorative basket on top of a bedroom chest.

Panda July 20, 2018

Panda in a photo made after he jumped into an olla looking very handsome as usual!