Michael's Family's Coat of Arms

Because coat-of-arms were given to a particular person, not family, there can be many for the same surname. You have to trace your own lineage to find out which coat-of-arms belonged to your ancestors. In the past coat-of-arms were not given to families and do not belong to just a surname, therefore these are representatives of all the ones I have found with the same surnames of my ancestors. Today many people use a coat-of-arms that has the same surname as theirs.

Through time the spelling of names may have changed. To begin with the written names were spelled as they sounded. Through time, or in different regions, pronounciation changed, and thus the spelling. For example you will find the surname of Mahan spelled also as Mahon, Mc Mahan, Mc Mahon, Mac Mahan, Mac Mahon, etc. The Mc, Mac, or even M' are all variations of "the son of" and have all been used interchangeably.

Mc Mahon 2
Mc Mahon


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