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Special thanks to Patricia Enox Wigington, Donovon Enox, and Doris Jones for the photos below.

John Marion Enox Family

John Marion Enox Family c. 1907

John Marion Enox, his wife Fannie Frances Bryant Enox, and their children, Gertie C. Enox Ringwald, James Birdo, John Garland, Kenneth Cyrus (sitting on the stool), and Ethel Enox Robinson.

Enox Family

John Marion Enox Family Fall 1910

John Marion Enox (great grandfather), Ethel Enox Robinson, John Garland Enox (grandfather at age of 12), Sarah Jane Enox Covington (older sister of John Marion), Lucy Muriel Ringwald, Fannie Frances Bryant Enox (great grandmother), Gertie C. Enox Ringwald, Annie Louise Ringwald (in pram), Kenneth Cyrus Enox (on the horse), and James Birdo Enox.

Sarah Jane and Kids
Sarah Jane and Kenneth

Sarah Jane Enox Covington and kids (Sarah M., William, and Nettie).

Sarah Jane and grandson Kenneth Harry "King" Covington, son of James Hampton Covington.


Hankins Family

Hiram and Sarah M. "Sallie" Covington Hankins, daughter of Sarah Jane Enox Covington, with kids Jim and Clara.

Mary Hester
Mary Hester

Mary Hester

Mary Hester, daughter of Alice Lucy Champion Hester, Granddaughter of Nancy Arminta Enox Champion

Four Guys

Front row left to right - James Birdo Enox and Robert H. "Rob" Ringwald (married to Gertie C. Enox).
Back row left to right - James Hampton "Jim" Covington and John Garland Enox.

Enox Brothers

James Hampton "Jim" Covington - Son of Maston and Sarah Jane Enox Covington. Probably taken in 1917.

John Garland (grandfather at 20 shortly after he married my grandmother) and James Birdo, 1917.

James B. Enox

James Birdo Enox and and his nephew Robert Alvis Ringwald (son of Gertie Enox Ringwald).

Enox Brothers WWI

Enox Brothers in Uniform

Ethel Enox
George W. Robinson

"Ethel" written on back of photo.

G. W. Robinson - only child of Ethel Enox and George W. Robinson ~22 years old.

Gertie Enox

Fannie Frances Bryant Enox and great grandson Bobby Charles Ringwald - 1940.

October 1946

Ethel Vickrey Enox and John Garland Enox - October 1946.

Enox Reunion

Enox Family Reunion 1964

Standing left to right: Lee O. (Donovon), Emily Eva Jane, Patricia Louise (mother), and Garland Lavon. Sitting left to right: Charles Edward (Doc), William Bryan, John Garland (grandfather at 67), Ethel Vickrey (grandmother at 63), Mary Ailene, and John Grady.

Enox sons

Enox Brothers (same day as above photo)...Garland Lavon, William Bryan, Charles Edward (Doc), Lee O. (Donovon), and John Grady.