Cpl. James Thomas "Jake" Wigington

Cpl. Wigington was assigned to the Armament and Ordnance Section of the 511th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) of the 351st Bombardment Group, 94th Bombardment Wing, 1st Air Division of the 8th Army Air Force. They were responsible for loading bombs and ammunition on to the Squadrons' B17s prior to the missions. The group was based at Polebrook Airfield in Northamptonshire, England between 15 Apr 1943 and 10 Jun 1945, with a total of 279 B-17 Flying Fortresses on charge.

511th Patch
351st Patch
8th Army Patch

511th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

351st Bombardment Group

8th Army Air Force

Polebrook Airfield
Tail Markings of the 351st

Polebrook Airfield

Tail Markings of the 351st

Frame Capture from Combat America

Film frame from the WWII Film Combat America filmed by Clark Gable.
Jake was playing his guitar and singing Home On The Range


Jake can be seen at about 2 minutes in part 3 of the actual film if you want to see the whole movie click here.

Frame Capture from Memphis Belle

Jake also appeared in the Memphis Belle. He is the soldier playing the harmonica as he was riding on top of a bomb being pulled to be loaded onto the plane.


This is the actual film. Jake can be seen at about 3 minutes.


Jake in uniform.

Before and after his military service during WWII Jake had a radio program in St. Louis called The Cowboy Jake Hour.

Jake in early years

With Award

This photo was to Mary, the woman he later married.

Award Close-up

Close-up of 1939 trophy now owned by my father.

St. Louis Radio Station WEW

News Article

News Article

I will be posting more photos here shortly.