Person Sheet

Name James I STEWART King of Scotland
Birth 25 Jul 1394, Dunfermline Palace, Fife, Scotland
Death 21 Feb 1437, Monastry of the Friars Preachers, Perth, Scotland
Occupation Reigned 1406-1437
Father John (Robert III) STEWART King of Scotland (1337-1406)
Mother Annabella DRUMMOND (1350-1401)
1 Joan BEAUFORT Queen of Scotland
Father John BEAUFORT
Marriage 2 Feb 1422/23, Priory Curch, St. Mary Overy, Southwark
Children: Margaret
Isabella Elizabeth
Joan (Janet)
Alexander (Twin)
James II (Twin) (1430-1460)
Notes for James I STEWART King of Scotland
Painting of James I is in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Key events:

1406 Sent to France for Protection
1406 Captured by English Pirates
1416 Cousin Murdoch released from Tower of London
1420 Duke of Albany died
1420 Attended the coronation of Queen Catherine
1422 Accompanied the funeral cortege of Henry V
1423 Treaty of London, securing the King's release
1424 February 13th, Married Joan Beaufort
1424 April, Released from captivity
1424 May 2nd, Crowned at Scone
1425 Murdoch, 2 sons and Lennox executed
1426 Earl of Mar died, title reverted to the crown
1427 Foreign currency to be exchanged only within Scotland
1428 Renewed the Auld Alliance
1430 October 16th, James born
1436 Margaret married the Dauphin of France
1437 February 20th, Murdered by Sir Robert Graham

James I was born on July 25th, 1394 at the Dunfermline Monestary. In an attempt to keep James away from his uncle, Duke of Albany, James was sent to France in 1406. Unfortunately his ship was captured by the English. James was taken prisoner. Robert III soon died, James was styled King James I of Scotland even though he remained in England and his uncle, the Duke of Albany became Governor of Scotland.

During his captivity, James received a solid education showing talents with poetry, music and mathmatics. James was also used in the campaigns by King Henry V of England against France. The Duke of Albany was providing military support to the French in accordance with the Auld Alliance. King Henry tried to claim Scots fighting for France were treasonous as they were fighting against their King of Scots. James did not accept this ploy; nor did the Scots in France.

Murdoch, the son to Albany was also held prison in England. However, Albany was able to secure the release of his own son in 1416, but not that of the King. In 1420, Albany died only to be succeeded as Governor of Scotland by his son Murdoch.

King James met Joan Beaufort while in captivity. They were married in February 1424 and James was summarily released. The ransom, or educational fees, came to 40,000 and 21 hostages as security.

Upon his return, James proceeded to have Murdoch and several other powerful nobles arrested and executed. This was the first in a series of acts in regaining royal authority.

Unfortunately, the Earl of Atholl and Sir Robert Graham were unhappy with the King's actions. In 1437, the assassins broken into the royal lodgings at Perth and killed the King.
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