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Name James II STEWART King of Scotland
Birth 16 Oct 1430, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland
Death 3 Aug 1460, Roxburgh Castle, Scotland
Burial Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation Reigned 1437-1460
Father James I STEWART King of Scotland (1394-1437)
Mother Joan BEAUFORT Queen of Scotland (-1445)
1 Marie PRINCESS OF GUELDRES Queen of Scotland
Marriage 3 Jul 1449, Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland
Children: Mary
James III (1451-1488)
Notes for James II STEWART King of Scotland
Painting of James II is in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Key events:

1437 James I murdred by Sir Robert Graham
1440 The "Black Dinner"
1445 Joan Beaufort died
1449 July 2nd, Livingston was executed
1449 July 3rd, married Mary of Gueldres
1450 Earl of Douglas sent to Rome
1451 University of Glasgow founded
1452 February 22nd, Black Douglas killed by the King
1455 May 22nd, Battle of Albans - War of Roses begins
1455 Douglas estates forfeited
1460 August 3rd, Died during the siege of Castle Roxburgh

James was born on October 16, 1430 at Holyrood. After his father was murdered at Perth, James became James II.

He was reported to have a birth mark covering much of his face. The mark would flare with the King's temper, thus the term Fiery Face.

During a dinner hosted by the Earl of Crichton, a black boar's head was brought in on a platter signifying death. Two young guests of the King, the Earl and Earl presumptive of Douglas were then quickly slain in front of the kings. This is known as the "Black Dinner."

James, of Sticks & Ballechin
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