Person Sheet

Name James III STEWART King of Scotland
Birth 10 Jul 1451, Stirling, Scotland
Death 11 Jun 1488, Milltown, Bannockburn
Occupation Reigned 1460-1488
Father James II STEWART King of Scotland (1430-1460)
Mother Marie PRINCESS OF GUELDRES Queen of Scotland (-1463)
1 Margaret OLDENBURG PRINCESS OF DENMARK Queen of Scotland
Father Christian I KING OF DENMARK
Mother Dorothea PRINCESS OF BRANDENBURG Queen of Denmark
Marriage 13 Jul 1469
Children: James IV (1473-1513)
Notes for James III STEWART King of Scotland
Painting of James III is in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Key events:

1460 James II died during seige of Castle Roxburgh
1461 England ceded Berwick to Scotland
1462 Treaty of Westminster-Ardtornish Lord of Isles and England against Scotland
1463 Mary of Gueldres died
1464 Lord of the Isles returns as loyal subject to the Crown
1465 Archbishop Kennedy died
1466 King seized by Boyd - became Royal Guardian
1467 Boyd made Chamberlain
1467 Boyd married King's sister, Mary
1469 November, Boyd beheaded
1469 July 13th, Married Margaret of Denmark
1473 March 17th, James born
1479 Brother's of the King imprisoned - Albany escaped
1482 Albany with help from England took Berwick - became Lieutenant of Scotland
1482 Lauder Bridge - King imprisoned
1483 King escaped and removed Albany from office
1486 July 14, Queen Margaret died
1486 third son made Earl of Mar
1488 Second son made Duke of Ross
1488 June 11th, Battle of Sauchieburn - father against son
1488 After Sauchieburn King was murdered
1503 January - Duke of Ross died
1503 March 11th - Earl of Mar died
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