Person Sheet

Name Nathaniel Author HAWTHORNE
Birth 4 Jul 1804, Salem, Essex Co. MA
Death 18 May 1864, Plymouth, NH
Occupation Novelist and short story writer
Father Nathaniel HAWTHORNE (1775-1808)
Mother Elizabeth Clark MANNING (1780-)
1 Sophia Amelia PEABODY, 8C4R
Father Nathaniel PEABODY (1774-)
Mother Elizabeth PALMER (1781-)
Marriage 9 Jul 1842, Salem, Essex Co. MA
Children: Una (1844-)
Julian (1846-1900)
Rose (1851-1900)
Notes for Nathaniel Author HAWTHORNE
A central figure in the American Renaissance. Hawthorne's best-known works include THE SCARLET LETTER (1850) and THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES (1951). Writers like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Herman Melville, and Hawthorne looked not only to the Puritan origins of American history, but also to Puritan styles of rhetoric to create a distinctive American literary voice.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts. His father was a sea captain and descendent of John Hathorne, one of the judges in the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692. He died when the young
Nathaniel was four year old. Hawthorne grew up in seclusion with his widowed mother. He was educated at the Bowdoin College in Maine (1821-24). In the school among his friends were Henry Wadsworth
Longfellow and Franklin Pierce, who became the 14th president of the U.S.
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