Grapevine Tarantula Train

We boarded the train at the Grapevine Depot for the Stockyards and met some of the possible candidates for the murder. We left at 6:00 that evening for an hour and a half train ride to Cowtown. Once there we were escorted to the Stockman's Club for a buffet dinner. We then had to help Marshall Courtright try and figure out just who the perpetrator of the dastardly deed was. Once the villain was caught we boarded the train again for the return trip which ended shortly after midnight.

The Original Stockyards Murder Mystery Fallen Angel

The Stockyards Murder Mystery's comedy show was loosely based on historically accurate characters that lived and worked in Fort Worth during the 1800s. For example, Jim Courtright, Marshall of Fort Worth from 1876 to 1879. He left for a short time but while gone was quoted as saying "I'd rather be dead in a pine box in Fort Worth than alive anywhere else in the world." He returned to Fort Worth and opened the TLC detective agency in 1883. He was shot and killed on February 8, 1887 in a shoot out with famed gambler Luke Short in front of the White Elephant Saloon.

The Cast

The MarshalJim is your all round good guy and mans' man. He is somewhat of a local hero and legend in these parts. Always wanting to do the right thing. Him works his way through the parade of zany characters that drift in and out of Fort Worth during the young "boom town" years.

The JudgeJudge Justice doesn't always see both sides of a case, but the judge does see lots of other things. Taking justice to the extreme is his specialty. A crazy combination of Judge Whopner and Dr. Laura, this judge is a sandwich or two short of a picnic.

The PreacherA man who believes the wages of sin should be paid directly to his "orphanage fund." Equipped with a hound dog that howls verse three of "Amazing Grace", one used carnival tent, and a wife who gets "healed" at each and every revival, these three are on a mission to "save the west."

The Preacher's WifeMama always said, "marry rich" and never marry a man for his "potential." She should have listened to mama! Helen may have plans of turning the good reverend's "orphanage fund" into the "widow's fund."

The Dance Hall GirlThis dance hall girl is long on name but short on details. As she runs from a past and runs after revenge she keeps running into folks she's rather not. Our hard-nosed honey has found a temporary haven in Fort Worth...or so she thinks.

Schedule your own reservation for the Tarantula steam train ride. It was great fun!!

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