Our Honeymoon in Great Britain

September 22 - 30, 2000

Our trip was in three parts: England, Scotland, and London. The first and second day were for traveling in England, day three was to head north going up the west side towards Scotland. The fourth and fifth day were for seeing the Scottish sites. On day six we headed south toward London going down the east side this time. Day seven was for taking in the sights of London.
Days 1 to 3
Windsor Castle
Windsor Downtown
River Thames
Shakespeare's birthplace and home
Anne Hathaways home
Hadrian's Wall
Birdoswald Roman Fort
English countryside
Lanercost Priory and Bridge

Day 4
Stirling Castle
The Great Hall
Queen Mary's Gardens
Royal Residence - the Palace
Queen's Chambers
Palace grounds - inner/outer close
Robert the Bruce Monument
William Wallace Monument
The North Sea
St. Andrews

Day 5
Edinburg Castle
Edinburg's Royal Mile
Palace of Holyroodhouse
Firth of Forth
Nelson's Monument

Day 6
The Borderlands
River Tweed and Bridge
Scott's View (that is Sir Walter)
Dryburgh Abbey
Melrose Abbey
Jedburgh Abbey
Scotish/English Borderlands
Sherwood Forrest
Nottingham Castle

Day 7 to 8
Changing of the Guard
Trafalgar Square
Big Ben
House of Parliment
St. Paul's Cathedral
London Skyline from St. Paul's Dome
Shakespeare's Globe
Tower of London Bridge
Tower of London Castle
Westminster Cathedral
Buckingham Palace

Great Britain (41K)
Shakespeare Country (123K)
Roman Lands (8K)
Scotland's Border Region (96K)