Our Honeymoon in Great Britain

Stirling Castle & St. Andrews Scotland: September 26, 2000

The background is Michael's Ross family tartan

Robert the Bruce
Robert the Bruce Statue
Our first morning in Scotland we drove to Stirling to visit Stirling Castle. Home to the famous Mary Queen of Scots, but also the area fought and won by the Scots William Wallace and Robert the Bruce

Stirling Entrance
Entrance to Stirling Castle with Queen Mary's Garden
Upon entering Stirling castle you can overlook Queen Mary's garden. The newly limestoned building in the background is the Great Hall.

Queen Mary's Gardens
Queen Mary's Gardens
A full view of the gardens.

Tour Guide
Our Tour Guide
Our guide gave us a brief history of Scotland and Stirling Castle.

Me in the inner close
Me in the inner close
The brief tour was over and we are ready to tour on our own.

Michael in the inner close
Michael in the inner close
It was very cold and windy so when we were on our own we headed inside.

Great Hall
The Great Hall
The Great Hall is where the king and queens thrones set and they presided over their court and held banquets.

Royal Thrones
Royal Thrones inside the Great Hall
Trying to get the expanse of ceiling to floor with the thrones and the royal crest, we had to stand for a long time to photograph the thrones without people in the view.

Royal View
Royal View of the Great Hall
This is the view the king and queen would have had while sitting on the throne.

Royal Residence
Royal Residence - the Palace
The home to many Scottish king and queens.

Queen's Chambers
Queen's Chambers
The Queen's chambers was very large. Click the picture to see an artist drawing of what it looked like in Queen Mary's time (136K).

Royal View 1
Royal View to the left of the palace door
The view of Mary's Garden and the entrance courtyard further left.

Royal View 2
Royal View to the right of the door
Just a view of the countryside from the palace exit to Mary's gardens.

Stirling Security
Stirling security
The security of the castle was from being built high atop the remains of volcanic stone.

View of Wallace Monument
View of Wallace Monument
Wallace Monument in the distance as seen from Stirling Castle.

Wallace Monument
Wallace Monument
Wallace Monument with a statue to Braveheart in the front.

Stirling Castle View
Stirling Castle
The Great Hall really stands out in this view of Stirling castle from the Wallace Monument.

North Seas from St. Andrews
The North Sea
Looking out over the North Sea from St. Andrews.

St. Andrews Clubhouse
St. Andrews Club House
Golf lovers heaven...it was very cold, windy and rainy when we were there...but there were brave souls that golfed anyway!

Michael in front of clubhouse
Michael's proof that he was at St. Andrews.

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